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1. How large of a cooler fits in your leaning post?

We do not necessary build our leaning post around what size cooler will fit underneath it. All cooler manufacturers have different inch sizes, per quart size. You will need to determine if the leaning post will work with your current cooler or determine what cooler you want to purchase that best corresponds with the leaning post you desire to purchase.  All our standard height leaning posts have an opening height underneath the storage tray of 21" to the floor, and the clear opening width is listed below.

39.5" leaning post has a clear opening of 35.75 between the legs.

36" leaning post has a clear opening of 32.25 between the legs.

33" leaning post has a clear opening of 29.25 between the legs.

30" leaning post has a clear opening of 26.25 between the legs.


2. What is the standard height (top of cushion) of a leaning post and can I have it built shorter, like 28" to 30" tall (top of cushion)?

Industry standard height on leaning post is 32 inches tall "top of cushion", however if you desire a shorter unit we can change the height at no charge.  You will need to provide this info on page two of our order form under "instructions to seller" at the time of purchase.  Keep in mind that when you decrease the height of the leaning post it also will encroach on the height of your cooler storage.  When a leaning post height goes below 30" tall we will typically decrease the depth of the storage tray the same amount to compensate as not to encroach on the ability to store and access a cooler under the leaning post. 


3. Can I choose a different color vinyl?  I would like something other than white..
There is no extra charge to change colors of seat vinyl (up to two colors, typically one main color and 8" stripe or welt in an opposing color).  Just let us know which color, or main color with stripe you would like and we will provide per your request. You will need to provide the specific colors referring to our color chart at the time of order, on the second page of our order form in the paragraph titled "instructions to seller". 


4.  Is there a difference in the overall depth "bow to stern" of a leaning post with a fixed standard backrest or one without a backrest or with convertible backrest?

YES: below are the overall dimensions of the unit "bow to stern" measured from "face of cushion at the lean, to furthest point on the rear of the leaning post". 

Fixed standard backrest: 24.5"

Low unit (no backrest): 17.5"

Low unit w/ convertible backrest: 21" with backrest installed.


5. I'm replacing an existing cooler seat with your leaning post. How do I determine the overall width of the leaning post I need?

We use a 2" wide mounting plate that is 14.5" long.  We recommend you measure the center to center dimension "port to starboard" of the current fasteners, and add two inches to determine the overall width you need.  This will typically allow our 2" mounting plate to cover your old fasteners when installed.  If you determine you need a size that we do not list, just choose our next largest standard size, and then provide your exact size required. We will build to your needs for no extra charge.


6. How do you ship your products?
All of our products are shipped ground by FedEx.  Shipping is included in all of our prices.  A tracking number will be emailed to you when your item is shipped.


7.  Can you reupholster my other boat seats or redo the upholstery on my boat items such as console or deck seating?
We can!  Give us a call and we can have our upholstery shop work up a quote to recover all of your items.  You can ship them to us and we can get them reupholstered to match your brand new leaning post.  We will probably ask you to take some pictures and send them over to get a more accurate quote.


8.  Why are your products offered at a lower price than other similar leaning posts?
We believe in offering the best value for your dollar anywhere! All aluminum is  extruded and anodized here in the USA, and all of our fabricated products are professionally welded and then assembled by our qualified staff at our 5,000sqft facility in Ocala, Florida.


9. How long will it take to build and ship my product?
Orders are processed as we receive them.  All units are built in order and shipped as soon as complete.   Orders typically shipping within 7-10 days, sometimes a bit longer.  We treat every unit as a custom, which is why we don't up-charge custom sizes and we're sure you'll be happy with the workmanship and quality!